It took me leaving to appreciate where I came from

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BrentFoster051As a kid, home was a place I ran from. It wasn’t that I lived a bad life. In fact, I had a wonderful upbringing with an incredible family.

It was where my home was located that made me long for bigger and better.


I thought growing up in a small town meant settling. Settling in a career, settling because of a false sense of security. Settling for what was there.


It took me leaving to appreciate where I came from, and in fact, after traveling to 20+ countries, and living abroad, I chose to return home.


Home is now where my family lives. It’s where I’m from. It’s proudly part of me.


It took a project to bring me back. Canadian Geographic commissioned me to document my hometown through my eyes. The people, and place I know.


It took coming back to realize what I was missing. I met my wife here.

Together, we raise two amazing children. We renovated an old bank building to call home. We travel a lot, but this place is our foundation.
This is home.


Below are some of the images from “My Hometown” a project I photographed for Canadian Geographic in 2009.


BrentFoster050 BrentFoster049 BrentFoster048 BrentFoster047 BrentFoster046 BrentFoster045 BrentFoster044

– Brent Foster (Wallaceburg, Ontario)

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