Home for me begins with the places I grew up

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A familiar surrounding where I feel at peace with myself; safe; a place of comfort; shelter; warmth; a place where family and friends always feel welcomed; a place I feel most comfortable being.

Home for me begins with the places I grew up

On the farm…skeleton woods; ice cream float lane; the smell of wheat; chickens; dogs; cats warming themselves behind the wood stove. Walking to school in the winter with breadbags inside my boots to keep my feet dry; cows in the barn; the smell of hay;frozen water pipes in the winter;

On the river…the smell of the water; the sound of the freighters fog horns and the noise they make as they pass by; the beautiful sunsets; swimming in the river; country music my mom would play and sing; Midgie, our dog; the smell of supper when coming home from school.

And is where I live now

Where I raised my children; my husband of 34 years; sitting by the river swinging on the swing; knowing my neighbours by name; memories of my children growing up; spending time with grandchildren, family. Celebrating special occasions; a boat ride; a place I can leave and return to that provides comfort and a feeling of security for me.

Home is more about the connections I have with the places I lived and currently live and the people in my life. The length of time I have lived in that place influence this – the emotions created by the memories; familiarity that provides a sense of comfort and knowing. Whenever I lived away, for school or work, it never “felt” like home. Living by the water has always been connected to home for me – where I was raised and where I raised my children and live in the present.
-Brenda Foster

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