What is a home? A place you feel comfortable? A place you create memories? Or a place to rest your head? No matter who you ask, the answer will almost always be different. The question really becomes, what are the things that make up a home? The people… the things… the memories. For me, this is always evolving. However, the one constant that never changes is that it is never location based.

I travel a lot with work and consistently thinking about the idea of what home means. With the traveling,

It is key to find a way to make each location feel like home and I’ve been able to do this by focusing on the relationships that I form along the way.

When I think about why I do what I do, I am always reminded of the perks of the job. I love meeting new people and love to hear what makes other tick and love to see the excitement in these people’s eyes when they are talking about something they are passionate about. Which brings me back to the idea of home.

For me, home is where you are happy. Where you feel welcomed and loved and motivated to create and inspire.

When I think deeper about how the concept of home is integrated into how I currently live my life, I break this into eight categories. These include Family & Friends, Taking Risks, The Journey, Meditation, Growth, Passion, Mentorship and Meeting New People.

Life is about the stories you create — the stories you share.

What is Home? Family and Friends

The video below was captured during my brother’s wedding in Jamaica this past January – right before Brent Foster and I headed to Cuba to produce “A Place Called Home”. This trip really reminded me of the importance of family and how important it is to spend time with your family. We turned our small resort into our home for eight days and made many memories that will last a lifetime. It was nice to be able to get together as a family for such a special occasion.


What is Home? Taking Risks

Home is a place where you take risks and go outside of your comfort zone. It is expanding your way of thinking and being open to other people’s perspectives and beliefs. It is expanding your horizons and knowing that there are many ways of thinking. The photo below was taken in New York during a shoot for Pretty Lights with Renan Ozturk from Camp 4 Collective.


1016928_10151455573176146_262023411_nFor the shoot, the idea was to try ‘capture the light’ and do so in new and innovative ways. This trip opened up my eyes to what dedication and hard work is really like. Renan introduced me to FOMAS (Fear of missing a shot) and that the only way to stand out in the crowd is to take risks and always explore. During the shoot, we worked long hours in the search for the light. The best part was that even though we worked long hours, I wasn’t tired because when you are with a team of people who are extremely passionate about what they are doing, working long hours isn’t challenging.

When I think of home, I think it of a place I feel comfortable. Relating it back to taking risks, I feel that this is important in order to expand ones comfort zone. by doing this, ones world view will be expanded and then in turn, one will become a more well rounded individual.

Without taking risks, I feel that it is easy to become complacent and less willing to go outside of this comfort zone. I feel that quitting my day job four years ago and becoming a full time entrepreneur and filmmaker has allowed me to take more risks and expand my horizons way beyond anything that was possible with my last job. I feel that taking risks and being confident in yourself is key to living a satisfied life.


What is Home? The Journey

Home is where you grow and evolve. It is a life-long journey that never ends. It is there for you through the thick and thin. Through the good AND the bad. It is the journey and evolution in the understanding of what a home is – from just a shelter over your head to a way of thinking.



This journey is one that I seek out and thrive on. I love the adventure and love to explore.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized the importance of taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture.

It is imperative that you think of yourself first as the only person that is on your side through thick and thin is yourself and in most cases, your family. I try at least once a year to go out and explore the wilderness alone to ground myself and redefine my ten year plan.


I think about what is truly important to me and then find ways to focus on these elements and define a plan of action to move forward with these elements.

There is one thing to talk about what you want and one thing to act on these desires.

I’ve prided myself on my ability to take these risks and give 100% to these endeavours.

What is Home? Meditation

Home is a place for meditation and comfort. It is a place you can let go and relax. Now, to clarify, I don’t meditate in the general sense of meditation. I am more referring to the way of thinking. The place where I feel I am able to relax is at the family cabin. It is the place where I can totally relax and not stress about anything. It is where I can let go and recharge.



When I think of how this place has been able to fill this spot for me, I always struggle with this as I have spent a lot of time at the cabin improving it through construction jobs and have also produced videos while at the lake as well. I think what makes it a place I am able to relax is what it has symbolized for me growing up.


Growing up, my family would head out to the cabin on a weekly basis to hang out as a family. It isn’t big but what it is is a place where we are able to come together and talk. It is a place where we are able grow together and grow as individuals.

When I finally choose to have a family, I will use this as a model as I feel my parents could not have done a better job giving us what we needed to grow and what we needed to find out who we were as individuals. I will be forever grateful and will continue to view the family cabin as the place where I am able to completely relax and let go of the stresses that may be present in my day to day life.


Finding a place to relax and be grounded is critical. I feel that for anyone to truly going to be able to take a step back and look at the big picture, a place like this is critical for this to happen.

What is Home? Growth

Home is a place where you can grow and evolve. Growth is one important element in anyone’s life and without it, one becomes complacent. I strive as much as possible to grow everyday. My goal is to try something new everyday and take risks with the work I do and the way in which I live my life.
I am extremely dedicated to the work I do and try my best to push myself with this work.

What is Home? Passion

Passion. It is the reason I do what I do. It’s not about the money at all right now. I strive to continue to do what I love everyday and try remove the things in my life that I do not enjoy doing. Home is a place where you are able to find out who you are and what you enjoy. It is a place to find your voice and take risks. For me, passion is the driving force behind every decision I make and every job I take.



What is Home? Mentorship

Home is a place where you can grow and learn from others. I believe that mentorship is extremely critical and without it, the world wouldn’t be the same.




I recently did an interview with Shane Hurlbut and he really is the poster child for mentorship. He defined the true essence of mentorship and why it is so important. He is a huge advocate for giving back to the community and mentoring new creatives as they grow and evolve.


For me, I have also been a huge advocate for giving back and have be doing this through online education and through local collaborations as well. I feel that by doing this, you are not only building the community and putting good karma out there but you are also leaving a footprint for future generations.


As I continue to grow and evolve as an artist, this will remain as a driving force behind the work that I produce and the relationships that I continue to grow and foster.

What is Home? Meeting New People

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 9.16.25 PMHome is about building and maintaining relationships both personal and business. At the end of the day, home is a place where you can expand your horizons and what better way to do that than through meeting new people.


I strive to expand my horizons as often as possible and in as many situations as possible. This is one of the primary reasons why I love the job that I have as I am able to meet a huge amount of people with a wide-range of perspectives. There is nothing better than learning and growing with others.


Another thing I strive for is spending my time with the people who have values that are aligned with mine and remove any people that are a negative influence. I believe heavily in the saying that you are made up of the people you hang out with and this is most present in the work I produce. I find that when I hang out with people who are extremely passionate and talented that the quality of my work increases ten fold.


My Story of Home

When it comes to the story of home, this is one I have been wanting to tell for a long time. When the opportunity came up to revisit the concept, I was extremely excited and couldn’t wait to produce it. One thing I wanted to make sure to do was do the idea of home justice. I tried to do a short on the idea of home previously but it didn’t quite capture the story I was trying to tell so put the idea on hold. I feel with this story and campaign that I was able to accomplish what I initially had planned. Hope you enjoy!

– Preston Kanak (Saskatchewan, Canada)

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