It is the place that you surround yourself with people who make you the best that you can be

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Photo by Brent Foster

Photo by Brent Foster

My definition of home is being with family and friends. It is a place where you are comfortable, at peace and where you feel you can be at your best and worst and be accepted for who you are as a person.

Growing up, my definition of home was living in a family where being together and doing things together meant more than anything. My favourite times were spent with the extended family. Living on a farm, we were very busy during the week. On Sundays, it was a day of worship and time spent with friends. It was time to spend as a family relaxing and reflecting on the week.

Home is visiting Grandpas and Aunts and Uncles and the feeling of being part of something great — family.

After I grew up and moved away, most weekends were spent at home on the farm. It was time to reconnect with family and to rejuvenate for the week ahead. When I met my future husband, home was still a bus ride away, where the feeling of home was my connections with my future husband, his family and extended family and our friends, and my family. Home was a place where the stresses of the week dissipated, where you shared your experiences and some of your deepest thoughts and dreams, and it was a place where you had fun and enjoyment!


When my husband and I were married, home was the family we created and the many exciting new experiences we lived through as a couple. We made our new traditions and carried on many others from our parents. We tried to create a sense of home and comfort for our children, where they could learn to be happy, productive and creative individuals as they determined their definition of what home meant to them.

It is the place that you surround yourself with people who make you the best that you can be.

It was reconnecting with our parents and providing opportunities for our children to get to know and spend time with their grandparents, great grandparents and extended family. Home was to provide the lessons that would stick with them for life — to be the best that you can be; to be comfortable with who you are as an individual; and to remember that family is always there for you and are an important part of what home is all about — a place of peace, comfort, acceptance, trust, and having fun together as a family!


With the passing of our parents, home becomes more important — the place to ground us, to come together as an extended family, and to make sure we don’t lose the teachings and connections that were created being part of a family. Home is family and family is home. While losing my father and having my mother move off the family farm was very hard, I realized soon that home was where my mom was. The farm was a place to reconnect but being with mom was the place where I felt most at home.

Home is time spent with family and friends at our cabin or our home in the city.

It is sharing your days with a favourite pet. It is watching a favourite program with someone who shares your interests. It is going for a walk with a friend and sharing what is important to you. It is sharing a holiday with your family and friends. It is having a campfire at the lake. It is special occasions with your loved ones. It is the ordinary things that happen in an unordinary day — centring you and grounding you and making you feel like a million dollars and having only a penny or two to your name. It is a place you want to be and you create wherever you are — it is independent of location. For me, home is where my family and friends are most of all!


– Diane Kanak (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

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