My definition of home would DEFINITELY be my family

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IMG_4113My definition of home would DEFINITELY be my family. The house can go away and even the dogs too but my wife and son are without a doubt my special place I call home. We could be rich, we could be poor but as long as I am with them I do not need anyone, anything or anyplace else to call home.

People always say that there is one thing in life that makes us who we are and without a doubt my family is that one thing that defines who I am, what I have accomplished and what I define as HOME.

I am a 35 year old photographer with about 15 years under my belt working with various camera systems. I met my wife on set when we both used to work in film and television. I was a camera assistant and she was an actor who actually became my camera trainee for a bit. She was married at the time and I was engaged to someone else but we both knew when we met that there was something more special that we weren’t allowed to acknowledge because of our fidelity to the RELATIONSHIPS we were in. We remained platonic friends and eventually the dead-end relationships that were holding us back ran their course and thats when we thought it time to try each other on for size. It turns out we were a perfect fit for EACH OTHER and we began dating. That was in 2009-2010, By 2011 we were on our way to purchasing a home together where we were later married in the summer of 2012. In 2013 we had our first baby, a beautiful healthy boy named Brixton. Best son EVER! Every second of every day I feel like the luckiest man on earth because of my wife Mandy and my boy Brixy.


It was a month before he was born when I decided that my son needs a role model who isn’t afraid of chasing a dream so I quit a well paying job in my field and started my own company, Pavlography which officially launched in 2014. Without knowing it we were on a 5 year plan of success in family and by 2015 the business end should catch up to the level of success that I feel blessed to have each and every day.

– Michael Pavlovsky (Saskatchewan, Canada)

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