I feel at home when I am with people that I love, and in places that I love

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homeI have spent a lot of my life longing to find a sense of home, just as most people do.
I was raised in a split family and was very used to living out of a backpack. Throughout my life I have lived in over 28 different houses, averaging one a year in my lifetime. Moving out on my own at 16, I continued the trend of moving from house to house, throughout a few different cities until after University. It became almost like an addiction, an addiction to change. I felt very comfortable living in new spaces, but always lacked a sense of home, that fuzzy feeling I assumed my peers felt when they visited their childhood homes.
I found myself longing for a feeling of home and interpreted it as a physical space to live in. One that was familiar and constant. As I grew and matured I realized that home is a sensation and not just a place.
To me, home is where I feel welcome, comfortable and at peace. It is not a specific physical place, but rather a sensation, an emotion within me.
I feel at home when I am with people that I love, and in places that I love.
Nature feels like home to me. Sitting in my favourite park with golden light trickling through willow branches, reflecting on the ripples of the pond; the sound of branches snapping under my bare feet as I frolic in the forest with my children. It is climbing a familiar tree and feeling that ticking sensation in my tummy, like I did many times as a child.
Home is the deep uncontrollable belly laughter of our son, as we run around our house, jumping at him from hidden spots. It’s when my husband tickles our daughter until she laughs so hard she can’t breath.
I feel at home while flying down the river, my husband navigating the boat to our favorite fishing spot where the waters merge together; the sound of nothing but birds, water and fishing jumping.
Home is waking up in the morning knowing that you are loved, knowing that you are needed and knowing that you are appreciated.
I sense it within myself. Comfort. Peace. Tranquility.
This is what home is to me.

– Tammy Foster (Wallaceburg, Ontario)

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